Here are a few of my poems, in print and in video form.

Harpoon Review
Ghazal for the Living

The Offing
Sonnet for a New Year
The Man at the Bar

Beltway Quarterly
If you’re regulating my body, I’m regulating your guns

Glass Poetry Press
After Orlando

Winter Tangerine
What’s Mine

Glass Poetry Press
After Orlando

Union Station Magazine
How Chemo Works

PANK magazine:
Trap Door
On Learning to Open My Eyes

DecomP magazine:

Drunk in a Midnight Choir
Ten Apologies to My Body
Praise Song for Depression
Graduation Advice

The Legendary
On child pornographer Eric Toth’s naming as Osama Bin Laden’s replacement on the FBI’s Most Wanted List

Milk and Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry

More poems available in my chapbooks.

Video clips:



9 Reasons

Ode to Running


6 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Which of these poems are published? I’m thinking that I want to do one of your poems for a Speech and Acting competition, but one of the rules is that the poem has to be published. (: Thank you.

  2. All of these are amazing! They inspire me so much when I write poetry. I’m have this dream of being a slam poet when i’m older But right now i’m 13 and preforming at my first open mic next week.

  3. Joanna, I just wanted to say that today I had my elocution competition and I performed ‘Hope’ and won 1st place. You have truly inspired me and I’m only 14 u no! Keep writing. XXXX

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