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  1. Good afternoon Joanna. I long ago had a discussion in school that of “Faith, Hope, and Love”, ‘Hope’ was the most crucial, most vital. My 14 year-old daughter just showed me your ‘Hope’ video on You-tube, and I am enchanted. Your passion in word and verse is riveting. You may count me a fan, and if you ever perform in the Chicago area my daughters and I will be coming to see you. – Would it be possible for me to solicit your opinion on some poetry I have written, or do you refrain from offering commentary on other’s works?

    1. Hi Garrison. Thank you so much for your message. My Facebook page is linked through the homepage– through there, you can send your poetry and I’d be happy to give you some feedback. I’ll keep you posted when I’ll be in Chicago.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    I love your poetry and I would like to ask permission to use your poem “Pride” to perform for my high school’s speech team. The only problem is, the poems that I can use are limited to poems that have been published or are posted anywhere on the internet (even a blog) and I haven’t been able to find “Pride” written out anywhere on the internet (only videos). I was wondering if you have that poem posted anywhere on the internet or if it is going to be included in the book that you are publishing. If you do not want me to use “Pride” in my poetry program, I completely understand.
    Thank you,

  3. Dear Joanna,

    Just a quick note to let you know that in Amsterdam, in the middle of the night a girl is watching your poems over and over again with tears running down her face. So so beautiful, thank you so much!


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